What do I need for a contract over $5000, but under $10,000? (Not able to purchase with a ProCard)

Sometimes a "contract" is also referred to as a "purchase request" or a PR which is converted to a Purchase Order through UAA Procurement. Purchase Orders (POs) are the only way, due to competitive and capitalization requirements, that purchases over $5,000 can be made at the University of Alaska Anchorage. POs under $5,000 may be issued where a procurement card is not able to be used or other method of purchase is not practical. You will need all of the following documents: •**Purchase Request** **(PR)** •**Short Form Contract** **(SCF)** •**Scope of Work** **(SOW aka Memorandum of Agreement)** •**Current W9** A new one is required every fiscal year. >**Use a fresh W9 uploaded here for each contract to assure you have the most recent version and avoid delays in processing. Always offer to the vendor as well because they may have updated their name, address, or business type which changed their federal identifier.**