What "type" should I put my request under?

BUSINESS FORM: • Travel: All travel including ticket purchase, car rental, travel inquiry, per diem, receipts and expenses after travel, participant travel.

• Proposal: Anything related to a proposal prior to it being funded and post-award budget revisions or reports - this is for folks writing our grants primarily.

• Contract: Contracts with individuals or agencies, honorarium, stipends, contracted catering (set + food), and invoices related to contracts etc. These all fall under a 3000 accounting code which is why they are lumped-participant travel written in to contracts still posts as "Travel" with only contract specific items here.

• Purchase: Purchase: things you need to have a purchase made with a check or a pro-card were a contract is not required - program supplies, office supplies, furniture, computers, self-catering etc.

• HR: Labor redistribution, recruitment, resignations, or terminations, re-class and evaluations.

TECH FORM: • Conf Room Help: When wanting to schedule a block of time for tech training for a class or a meeting.

• Bug Report: Error messages that don't allow continued access within apps that you're using on your computer.

• Website Changes: Update requests to your website including uploads, links, or features.

• Equipment Checkout: Must include checkout date. Please request if long-term is needed. Approval is dependent on whether others are needing it during that time as well.

• Tech Support: Tech related questions for software, hardware, and operation.

• Accessibility Help: This is related to access to drives, programs, applications, folders, etc.