How do I request a reasonable accommodation?

Employees requesting an accommodation should: 1) Complete the Reasonable Accommodation Request form and submit to the ADA Coordinator, and 2) Forward the Medical Certification request form to their provider for documentation that the requested accommodation is due to a disability. To be compliant with privacy laws, this Medical Certification form must be faxed directly to the ADA Coordinator at (907) 786-4727. Once both documents are received by the ADA Coordinator, an interactive process begins with a discussion between the employee and the ADA Coordinator, reviewing the request against the employee's essential job functions. The ADA Coordinator continues with an interactive discussion with the supervisor regarding reasonableness of the requested accommodations. The interactive process may be repeated more than once, before a final determination letter is sent to both the employee and the supervisor. Although an employee may self-disclose medical information to their supervisor, no medical specific information will be shared with the supervisor by the ADA Coordinator.
**Forms & Resources:**ADA ResourcesReport an Accessibility IssueRequest for Accommodation formMedical Certification form