How do I pay tuition for students from grants?

Make sure you have the Accounts Receivable (AR) Detail Code. You can **email Accounting Services** and request an AR Detail Code. >**Include in the email the grant you are working under, the fund/org you are using, the total number of students anticipated, and ask for the "accounts receivable detail code" to process student tuition that will be paid by the grant. (You cannot submit form for payment without this code.)** **Students** Make sure the student has an ID# or have them register to become a student (insert student admission registration link). For anyone to take a class from UA, they must be a registered student with an ID#. If the student has taken classes previously but it has been more than 2 years since they were active, they must “reactivate” their account by contacting registration (insert link to that here). Start here at admissions and choose the campus. 1. Once a students has an ID#, they can be authorized to register in the class by approving them in Banner under SFASRPO. 2. Notify the student once they are approved for them to register in the class. 3. Use SFASCRS in Banner to confirm registration once students notify you that they are “registered” in the class . 4. Once students are registered/entered in the class, fill out the Student Payment Request Form and have the Principal Investigator (PI or program supervisor) and Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) sign the approval form. 5. Once approved by the PI & OSP, single forms go to Financial Aid. **Please note:** if there are more than 5 forms they can be submitted in a single Excel document to "" instead of one form for each student. 6. Contact Financial Aid (embed same email as above) to notify them that the student payment form(s) is/are coming. This establishes a point of contact for follow-up. **Requests must be submitted to Financial Aid by 5pm on the published add/drop deadline.** Processing typically has a 5-day turnaround. Check Banner for payment (FGIBDST). Keep in contact with the student to remind them of their responsibilities. **Remember:** This payment doesn’t include fees. Banner (TSAAREV) will show what has been paid on each student's account and what is due. Remind/notify the student to pay fees before late fees are levied.